Who gets the Family Cabin?

As the saying goes,A family cabin isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. We all know that a family cabin is more than just a building. Beyond the beautiful views, a family cabin is a place of nostalgia where countless summers are spent making memories with your children. Family cabins are important family legacies. Our clients often find themselves going to the same place for vacation as their parents or grandparents did. Read More

Can I Leave My Estate to My Dog?

The answer is, well… Kinda.  April is National Pet Month. So, this month we wanted to honor our beloved companion animals by discussing how you can provide for them, even after you are gone.  Pets are members of our families. They love us. They rely on us. That is why people are often surprised and saddened to learn how many loyal and loving dogs, cats, and other pets end up in shelters when their owners pass Read More

How Do I Pass Along My Business to Someone I Trust?

One of the most important questions any business owner has to consider is about the succession of their business: Who will take over for you? A trusted employee? Your children? What if only one child is currently working in the business? What is fair?   That is why every business owner, whether they are running a shop, farm, tech start-up, or food truck, should have a Business Succession Plan.  So… What is a Business Read More

Remarrying? Estate Planning Considerations to Keep in Mind

When you remarry, you’re enjoying a second chance at a happy future with someone you love. However, there’s more to planning for this new partnership than booking a wedding venue and inviting guests. You should revisit your estate plan or take your new, extended family into account when putting one together. Blended families are a positive thing.  If you have children from an earlier marriage, estate planning becomes Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan

The start of a new year often brings a renewed sense of purpose, a desire to fulfill procrastinated goals, and reflections on the passage of time. The year 2020 was a time of uncertainty for many people. So, as we turn the corner and begin anew in 2021, many of our clients are looking to the future with their Estate Plans in mind. With how quickly life and circumstances can change, it is essential that you not only Read More

Understanding the Role of the Personal Representative

When someone passes away in Minnesota, the probate court appoints a personal representative to administer their estate. This party, who has a duty to distribute the decedent’s property to all parties with a legitimate interest in the estate, may hire an estate planning attorney to assist them in carrying out all required responsibilities, which are detailed in this blog. Collecting and Preserving Assets After being Read More

Minnesota Probate Law: Contesting a Will in Minnesota

It’s not uncommon for one or more family members of a recently deceased person to express dissatisfaction with their share of the estate. They may not be happy with the inheritance provided in a will. However, simply saying the decedent’s Last Will and Testament gave them an unfair amount is not a legally sufficient reason to challenge the will. Minnesota law establishes specific grounds upon which an interested Read More

Durable Powers of Attorney Explained

A power of attorney is a document where another person is authorized to act on your behalf for legal, financial or other matters.  Powers of attorney are effectively a permission slip to act for someone else and handle their financial and legal affairs.  To address the problems present when the principal is incapacitated or unavailable, the law developed the concept of a durable power of attorney.  That power of Read More

Top Three Reasons to Review Your Business’s Contracts with an Attorney

Contracts are essential to any business. Whether you use them for transactions with customers, contractors or employees, it is important that your contracts are legally sound and say what you mean for them to say. Some businesses take a DIY approach to their contracts, drafting them independently or using online forms. Unfortunately, this can have unforeseen consequences. Contract mistakes can lead to Read More

Three Reasons to Act Promptly After a Loved One Dies

No amount of preparation can take away the grief that you feel after a loved one passes away. At Grabitske Law Firm, we understand that this is a difficult time and it can be challenging to make good business decisions while you are mourning. However, we also understand the potential stress and difficulties that you can save by acting promptly after a loved one dies. If your loved one had an estate plan, that means Read More