What Happens if You Die Without a Will in Minnesota?

At Grabitske Law, we always want to emphasize to our clients the importance of having a current estate plan in place. We are sometimes asked, “What would happen if I died without a Will?” In today's blog post, we will answer that question.  If you are a resident of Minnesota and you die without a Will, Minnesota law provides a default estate plan.  That plan is known as intestate succession.  That default plan will Read More

Understanding Disputes in Probate

Sometimes families fight when people die.  Estates generally must go through probate before assets can be distributed to heirs. After a loved one passes away, emotions run high and, unfortunately, there can sometimes be disputes during probate. If the deceased left behind a Will, why might its contents be disputed? There are several reasons someone might contest a Will.  These include: The Will was very old and they Read More

Five Considerations for Business Succession Planning

It’s a wonderful feeling to realize that your business will live on past you. However, you may feel overwhelmed when you think about the planning to transition your business.  The goal of business succession planning is for your business to carry on seamlessly when you choose to retire or die. Read on to discover five of our tips for successful business succession planning.  1. Choose the right successor. When Read More