Estate Planning & Probate

We help with estate planning and probate.

Estate Planning

We can help you plan your estate so that you have peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order regardless of what life may bring.  Our estate planning focuses on the needs of our clients by providing a clear estate plan that addresses estate tax consequences, maps out asset protection, future distribution of assets, personal care and the well-being of loved ones.  We focus on cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ goals. 

Estate planning is about peace of mind, your family and your legacy. A good estate plan is a vital step toward providing certainty, and realizing your personal and financial goals.  Whether your assets are moderate or substantial, we can help you with the legal planning and personalized attention that you deserve.

Probate and Estate Administration

We can help with probate and estate administration.  When a person dies, their assets need to be transferred to their heirs.  We help personal representatives, trustees, and heirs with the process of administering the estate, transferring legal title to property, addressing estate tax issues, and facilitating asset transfers.

Administering an estate does not have to be complex or difficult.  We work with clients to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

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